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As part of my work I am often commissioned by magazines to photograph a range of personalities such as politicians, civil servants and CEOs.


Given that this is a fast paced environment I am used to work under pressure and deliver quick turnarounds.

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In the past couple of years I covered a number of events such as conferences, functions, round-tables, openings & awards. 

I use a journalistic approach to capture the highlights of your events whilst I make sure to give emphasis on your key guests and group shots as needed.

As a result you will be provided with unique images that tell a powerful visual story and have a lasting impression across social media and marketing campaigns. 

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My portable studio can fit into almost any office space and only needs 30 mins to set up.


During my sessions I make sure that my clients are at ease in front of the camera yet I work at speed, spending approx. 5 to 10 minutes to photograph each person.

I work towards your goal so whether you prefer a neutral background or want to incorporate the working environment we will pick the style that best matches your brand.


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